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Who are BlueJay Social?

BlueJay Social are a tenacious and dynamic social media marketing organisation that works with a number of selected industries. We believe that by doing so we understand your business that little bit better which can make all the difference.

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We also work with a talented array of wider digital sphere contacts that can assist in building high-quality websites, hosting and maintenance; increasing your positioning within search engines using Google AdWords; and outstanding graphic designers to get your image just right.

When choosing a social media marketing agency, it's important to find one that genuinely listens to you. We get real pleasure in seeing your business light up the worlds your clients operate in and watching your business soar. That's why, when you engage BlueJay Social, we spend time learning exactly how your business works, and throughout our project we’ll analyse how the social media campaign is meeting your business goals.

Oh - and we’re fun and honest too!


Jordan … did a great job of keeping me up to date with all aspects of the… process…Thanks for all your help, Jordan! It's been great working with you!

Andrew Harney

Having met Jordan for the first time recently it immediately become clear that he is a knowledgeable, proactive and eager to please. He listened to my story and…kept me in the loop with regards to both feedback and the pre meeting 'g' up! Jordan has always maintained a professional demeanour and should the need arise I would happily work with or recommend Jordan to others.

Carl Mead

Jordan is… very professional and a great person… Thank you so much, Jordan.

Shandana Arshad

Jordan was very helpful… I would recommend Jordan… the service he provided was exceptional.

Emmanuel Abayomi

Jordan… listened to what I had to say and helped me to break down what was important to me… and what I would need to aim for. Jordan is very helpful and always on the other end of the phone if/when you need to speak to him….Would highly recommend.

Claire Camille

I saw Jordan’s dedication and desire to learn… His enthusiasm, sense of humour, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills allowed him to bring life to the classroom and study groups he was involved in, always enthusiastic about inspiring another about a topic in learning.

Moshe Cling

Jordan’s thoughts are as sharp as his suits and it was a pleasure to call him a peer. Jordan projects a high calibre of quality and professionalism in everything that he does. He is a self starter and high achiever.

Mike Aloni

Jordan is Fantastic! He's full of ideas and has as an eye for detail. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at organising and bringing people together. He is usually the first one in the office - even if he was the last to leave! Cheeky chap who gets the job done, usually accompanied by a smile. He's going places - I'd suggest making sure it is to you.

Richard Lamb

Data Scientist