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About BlueJay Social

Recruitment gave our business's director the opportunity to meet some top professionals within the City of London, across a range of industries including law, accountancy and insurance.

Quick to learn and implement new experience, our Director realised that recruitment is often seen as a business cost; marketing is viewed as an opportunity.

With this in mind BlueJay Social utilises a method to help market your business online using social media to achieve the best return on investment for your business.

Our promise to you: BlueJay will always be transparent about our fees. We see this as a partnership - you grow, we grow.

From this, BlueJay was born.

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10% of all of our profit is invested back into charitable causes. Not because it makes us feel good and gives us those warm fuzzy feelings, but because it’s right.

Founder's Vision

Jordan Jay
Jordan Jay

BlueJay Social was founded by former trainee solicitor and recruitment consultant Jordan Jay.

Jordan found that while the businesses he worked with could sometimes see recruitment as a ‘cost’, the opportunity to provide professional digital marketing services offered businesses a clearer and more tangible short-term return on investment.

So Jordan founded an exclusive business, BlueJay Social, where businesses can reach out and obtain free digital media tips that enable them to begin the process of taking advantage of the opportunities digital media presents. BlueJay Social caters for business owners who have heard about the benefits of social media from a business perspective and want to utilise this hidden world.

Again, BlueJay Social is honest and transparent with our fees.

Jordan explains:-

"It is easy to see ‘social media’ as shorthand for the multi-channel, hyper-connected, user-generated, always-on world we now live in. Yet most people are still looking for real things: experiences, connections, value, stories, emotions. These intangibles remain a world in which most brands are failing to make the most of the existing channels available to them, where basic and very real issues are left unaddressed, like customer-experience delivery, retail-partner engagement, and authentic brand storytelling."

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