Maintaining Consistency in an Inconstant World

Business Relationships – Are We Being Consistent?

The double-standards we hold for ourselves and others can actually be quite crazy.

We’ve all been there. A conversation/’difference of opinion’ with our other half where we are sure that we are in the right and have all the logical reasons as to why. They have a different take. It can be challenging to step into the other person’s shoes and see things from their side. At a later point in time, we find ourselves in the receiving end of the same conversation. Often, when we do, it’s quite striking how there is not one black and white way of seeing things, and often our job in life as much as in business is to appreciate the nuance and grey.

Adopting principles from the sacred world of the Qabbalah, the world operates in a duality of masculine and feminine. The business world is no different. In business, we don both our ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ roles.

male female conversation argument talking past one another

We interact with the world in a masculine role when we are the ones providing a service to our customers; we interact with the world in a feminine role when we are receiving a service from our suppliers. The way we look at the world when in the different mindsets are strikingly different, though sometimes it takes a blog post to see it!

Let’s take the following example.

A dentist is looking to bring in more patients into their practice. A patient books an appointment (dentist is wearing his male cap) the dentist quotes their price:-

‘£2000, Jill, and we’ll have your smile as good as new’.

The patient says: –

‘that’s a lot of money. I’ve seen teeth-whitening kits for sale for £100, this seems pretty steep. I can’t afford that right now. Let me trial the service and let me see how it works for me and the reactions I get.’

The dentist turns around and says:-

‘I understand, but that’s the price Jill, they are set. We are a completely different service to your £100 teeth whitening DIY kit. Would you like to go ahead?’

This all seems fair. If you’d ask the dentist at this point, he’d be sure to justify his position.

Now let’s spin the scenario around. Let’s get the dentist wearing his feminine cap. This time, he’s speaking with a marketing business about how to generate more patients for his practice. The marketing business’s representative speaks with the dentist, understands their needs and what level of service they are looking for, and quotes a price: –

‘For the level of service that you are looking for Tony, you’re looking for us to bring you in 10 more patients per month, that will cost £2,000 for the month. One or two of those patients will spend let’s say £2,000 on a new smile, so after one patient you’ve covered my costs and after two patients you’ve doubled your investment.’

This time, the dentist might respond thus: –

‘That’s an awful lot of money Mr Facebook Advertiser. I could advertise on Facebook myself or I’ve heard there are a lot cheaper options out there. I can send an email to someone in the China and have it all done, no frills. I heard about Facebook Boost Posts too, Facebook are always telling me about those.’

As human beings, we are inherently flawed, biased and naturally self-serving. We struggle to see the inconsistencies and double-standards we hold for ourselves in our masculine and feminine roles, respectively.

Business Relationships – Are We Being Consistent?

We are human beings and we make mistakes. A great aim for us all is to take on greater self-awareness and commitment to acting as consistently as possible in both our outbound and inbound relationships!

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