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Facebook We’ll run, promote and enhance your Facebook marketing strategy.

There’s no escaping it. Facebook is the largest social media platform out there, with approaching 2.4 billion global users to date. 31% of the world is on it! In the UK that number gets closer to 50% - one in every two people.

So, it’s really no surprise that people use Facebook marketing to grow their business. So, is your business utilising Facebook to its ultimate?

If not now, when?

Our Facebook marketing agency will help grow your following and engage with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

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The right retargeting partner can help you create one unified, cross-channel experience for shoppers and drive more sales than a siloed retargeting approach.

Our unique ability to connect the dots between social platforms, premium publishers and ecommerce sites can help you gain a granular understanding of each shopper’s complete web journey, not just their journey through social media.

Instagram Pictures speak a thousand words…

Our social media platform closely aligns your business proposition with Instagram’s strengths to offer you fantastic opportunities to increase the your business's digital presence.

60% of people learn about a product or service on Instagram and 75% of people take action after being inspired by a post. Therefore, if you are not using Instagram, you are missing out on new potential business.

Exciting and fresh content is a must.

When you engage BlueJay Social, we are able to help your business communicate its message through high quality imagery. Worldwide.